DIY Chalkboard Plaques

DIY Chalkboard Plaques

Have you ever found yourself spending hours on Pinterest repinning beautiful DIY project ideas to save for later but never really get around to doing them? I sure have. I'll bet you've been there too, don't deny it. Well this blog has given me the push to actually do my own projects! I have done a couple (find them here and here) for Converge Magazine (a faith driven magazine based out of Vancouver) and will continue to contribute monthly. Here's the first one for the year and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results!
Here's what you'll need:
  • Newspaper
  • Wooden plaques
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk
  • Patience!
DIY Chalkboard Plaques

Step 01:

Head outside and spread out newspaper to lay the wood plaques on. Shake paint can, then spray the plaques evenly. Make sure that all corners are painted as well.
DIY Chalkboard Plaques

Step 02:

Probably the hardest step of this project…wait patiently for 24 hours to allow the paint to dry completely.
DIY Chalkboard Plaques

Step 03:

Draw on the plaque, then deliberately rub off the chalk to get that “aged” look. Then write whatever your little heart desires.
I used a white paint pen for one of the plaques and found it was quite useful for adding more details. Or if you’d like, simply post special notes or photos with tape!
DIY Chalkboard Plaques
Have fun with it! It would be cute to hang this by the door to leave your loved one a sweet little note!