Under Construction

Hello lovelies. 

Wow this feels good to sit and write. Yes, as you can see, the blog is going under construction. A few days ago, I decided to re-commit to blogging on here. There came a time where it felt like my posts were empty. Going nowhere. And then reality hit and I just got busy. Let's face it people, it happens. It was around the time where I fully accepted the gracious love of Jesus Christ. It changed my life. Everything. It was no longer about just "being a good person". I realized that I needed His grace, Jesus, who died on the cross for me. 

Until today I sit here filled with the Spirit and can't fathom how great His love is. Everyday He shows me how to step out of my comfort zone. I am amazed by His grace and do believe that this blog will be a creative outlet for me to share life with a different purpose. A life filled with hope, faith, joy, and above all, love. 

If you've gotten this far in reading, thank you. So here's the first post of this year. We'll see where this journey takes us.