A Proposal Story

Photos taken by the captain of our private sail boat ride!

Well the news is out folks! We are getting married! I am a Bride-to-be! 

After countless phone calls and sharing the news to our closest friends and family, it's now time to share with the rest of you our proposal story. Firstly, I would like to say how thankful I am to have this story to share. That it is something special and is ours. I truly am so blessed to have Garrett as my fiance! 

Please read on to find out how he popped the question!

I had worked eight days in a row and was so looking forward to a four-day long weekend. Garrett was heading to visit me from work for the weekend and I originally wanted to go on a road trip to Seattle (to getaway), but he suggested we could still do fun things while in Vancouver (he doesn't live in the city and in fact lives about 6 hours away). The plan was to go to Science World with our great friends Perry and Jodi. We were both very excited as we had our own fun memories there years ago. So we got to Science World and were having a blast figuring out puzzles and science-y things! Ha! Then all of a sudden, Jodi said that she had to go to work earlier so they had to leave. Little did I know, this was all part of the plan! 

As we were driving out to get lunch, Garrett said: "I think I have a good date idea." He made it seem like he had just thought of it on the spot! Instead of asking away (like I normally do), I just said: "Okay! This will be fun!" So we drove up to Finch's Market and he insisted that we took sandwiches to go. The place was so cute, I was a little sad we couldn't stay to eat. 

Eventually, we parked by the water where we normally have picnic lunches. I figured we weren't going on a picnic since it was cloudy. He got out of the truck with shoes changed, a bow tie on, a coat for me, and a picnic basket! (Looking back now, I should've seen these hints but I really had no idea what was going on!) All of a sudden he said: "We're going on a sail boat!"

We met the captain and his boat was named Allons-y (which means Let's Go in French). This whole time I was just so oblivious to the whole situation and so amazed that we were going on a sail boat date! After some conversation with the captain, I found out he happened to be a fashion photographer as well - which I thought was so awesome! I started taking photos with my phone thinking how cool it was to see Granville Island Market from the water. All of a sudden, he pulled out his camera and started taking photos of us! I thought "Hmmm, that's a little weird. But of course he has his camera with him. He's a photographer! We're on his boat!" 

We were having a great time as Garrett and I were just having conversation, soaking in this time we have together. Though it was cloudy and cold, I didn't care as I was able to snuggle next to my love. Then suddenly he whispered to my ear saying: "Remember that list of five things you wanted to do when we first started dating... well this is the last thing on the list." (Um hello another BIG hint that this could be it! But no, I STILL had no idea) I simply thought, "Awww! My love that is so cool!!" 

Then after some time, the captain suggested that we check out the front of the boat. Again, I thought "Oh! Good idea! Let's do that!" So we got up, I was at the front and Garrett was behind me. There I was standing, talking away by myself and thinking how absolutely cool it was! Then I turned around, and there he was. Down on one knee. He asked: "Will you marry me?" I thought "Oh my goodness! This is happening!! I have to soak all of this in!" And of course I said: "Yes!!" 

Sometimes I pause and think about that image of Garrett down on one knee and it puts a huge smile on my face! I am so glad that I had no idea this was coming (even though I normally - almost always figure him out and his surprises)! We have been together for over four years and have had seasons of prayers for this time to come. Garrett had told me that there were so many things that needed to line up and he was so faithful that God was going  to make it perfect!

We've been planning like crazy and have set the big date for early September. Thank you for reading our story and we're looking forward to the whole planning process! I'm actually working on our wedding website and will surely let you know when the launch date will be!