More than just maids

Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm sharing how I asked my dearest friends to be my bridesmaids!

I feel like I have learned a lot during the process of selecting my bridesmaids. I've always sort of had a good idea of who they would be, but didn't come to realize that there is so much more to it than the superficial things. I had talked through it with Garrett and he also helped me become aware of the sacrifices, time and effort that these ladies will have to go through! It isn't just about looking good in photographs or simply holding bouquets of flowers. So we went for brunch and I casually showed them a mini instax photo of me holding up the card that said "Will you be my bridesmaid?" - obviously they said yes! Since Maddie couldn't make it to brunch, I met up with her later that day for tea and did the same thing! It was fun to see their expressions and I am so grateful to have these dearest friends of mine to stand next to me on my wedding day!

Meet the lovely ladies:

Jacqueline, aka, Jackie. 

  • She knows every single line to the movie, A Walk to Remember. Oh and so that makes it her favourite movie of all time. 
  • She's my younger sister, so duh, she's my maid of honour. Ha! No seriously, I was sure she would be my maid of honor years ago and wouldn't have it any other way. 
  • She already has multiple sets of Excel spreadsheets for our wedding planning - so organized!

Chantelle, aka, Chantelley.
  • Back in elementary school, I knew we'd be friends when I found out she also likes colouring within the lines (isn't that the purpose of colouring books?!). She's one to order yogurt and granola for brunch - ha, just kidding Chantelley!
  • Been friends with her for about ten years now - wow! 
  • She likes to keep cute things like tags from clothes, and cards I've made her over the years.

Jenya, aka, Jen.
  • Only in her household have I ever heard of "Orange juice is for breakfast only" rule - but I like it, and might have to use it for the future family!
  • Been friends with her for about ten years also!
  • She always had the best birthday parties growing up! Mmm confetti angel food cake... Pretty much anything she bakes is the best - super excited to have her baked goods at my wedding!

Madeline, aka, Maddie.
  • She loves cooking so much, if she could stay in the kitchen to cook all day everyday she would!
  • Been friends with her for less than a year but have connected through so many subjects.
  • She has such a kind heart and is always willing to pray for anyone at any time.
I am so excited to have these ladies with me throughout the whole wedding planning process. Sure, things can get stressful, but I know that I'll get all the support and love I'll need from these ladies who have such willing hearts to help!

Ps. These ladies (and my mother) went dress shopping with me this weekend! So fun!!