03/12 Monthly Snaps

March was packed! I had every Saturday off and each one was packed with goodness. I'm flipping through my moleskine as I'm typing this and I can't believe that so much had happened in one little month. We met with our photographers for the first time, went wedding dress shopping, had our engagement photos, hosted our engagement party, ordered my wedding dress, finalized our wedding menu, hosted an Easter brunch, and witnessed my fiance get baptized. 

Whew! This monthly series makes me realize how productive one can be! Can you tell I was fond of the sky throughout the month? Vancouver has been beautiful these last couple of weeks - spring has arrived people!

  • Talk about the most beautiful view ever! We couldn't have asked for a better sunset on our engagement party night.
  • This photo was taken on the last day of the month. We laid out the picnic blanket and soaked in the sun!
  • We surprised a friend of mine from the church with an early morning (almost too early but so worth it) brunch for her birthday! Of course I brought the baguette, croissants and butter.
  • This was on our drive to 'the location' of our engagement photos. Seriously can't wait any longer to see how they turned out! 

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