05/12 Monthly Snaps

May flew by like no other! But before I start, I'd like to say "Happy Birthday to me"! Yup. It's my birthday today! I have no big plans really, but I get to spend it with my family and Garrett is also taking the ferry over to the city. Yahoo! I'm secretly hoping he'll have some peonies for me... 

Like I've expressed quite a bit on this last post, I feel as if May is always a time for new beginnings to me. I'm moving to Victoria and am SO excited for this new exciting chapter! I am also very sad to be leaving lots of people whom I've gotten close with. I'll miss my work family at Anthropologie and church friends at City Lights. I do believe that the main man up there is my provider and I have nothing to fear. This verse from Proverbs 31:25 has stuck with me: "Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.". 

I'd like to say I finished packing but you know how it is... better get on the last little things to wrap up!

  • We had mint chocolate chip (with m&m's on waffle bowls) ice cream at Trout lake to celebrate my last Sunday with City Lights Church.
  • Oh Anthro... best last day a girl could ask for! There were balloons, pizza, and chocolate. Um, yum.
  • Garrett and I both love the smell of fresh lilac so we picked it off a stranger's bush... shhh!
  • An eight hour layover wasn't so bad at the Taipei airport - they had greenery on walls!

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