Better stylish than sorry

{photos from here and here}
A few years ago, I got my very first cruiser bike. Wicker basket and all. I rode it to work almost everyday during the summer and absolutely loved it. But then it sat at home for a full year when I moved to Vancouver. One of the main reason was probably because I was scared to ride on the road - sans helmet! So now that I'm in Victoria, and with this gorgeous weather, I want to take the bike out for a ride again.

I've been on the look out for a clean, and stylish helmet that would complement my style and didn't feel like a complete sore in the eye. After some tiresome research, I finally stumbled upon SAHN Helmets! I loved the sleek, equestrian silhouette and the colour palette they offered. As I continued reading up on the company, I soon realized that it's based from Vancouver too! You can read more about the company here if you'd like. I'm completely smitten and will definitely have to check out these beauties when I head over to the lower mainland this weekend.