Philippines 2013

Hello! As promised here are more photos from my family trip to the Philippines. The main reason of our visit was to be there for our Grandmother's 90th birthday! She's a strong little lady! I'll try and keep this post short as there's already an overload of photos! 

I always get such a rush once we land and see all my great family who still live there. It's a treat to get to hang out with my "pinsans" (cousins) that we grew up with. I can tell you right off the bat, that we ate a lot. If you know anything about Filipinos, we love food! Especially local, authentic food straight from the "palengke" (market)! We stayed with family in Tarlac and everyday, I'd wake up oh so very early because of the roosters' crows (which I loved). There would be food laid out for us every morning - we were spoiled! 

We had an excellent time as a family but my favourites were lazing around the beach, eating (as if I hadn't made that statement yet), bargaining at the market with my sister, and watching my grandmother gaze at all of her family members on her birthday. She is the funniest. 

Transitioning back to real life is always the hardest though... I miss them all so much and can't wait until the next time we visit!