06/12 Monthly Snaps

I'm so glad I've decided to do these monthly snaps; it's a time for me to look back on the month and appreciate so many little things. I've been to Victoria for a month now and am absolutely loving it. During this month, I finished up our wedding invites (which we're so excited to send out), we've enjoyed being creative in cooking healthier, and spent weekends adventuring around our new city! Oh and there's less than 70 days left until the wedding!

  • We went on a day trip out to Nanaimo and took a detour to see the Kinsol Trestle - more photos here
  • It made me so happy to see Garrett excited about his new bike - isn't that color awesome?!
  • Out on a hike together around Mt. Doug - the peak had a gorgeous 360 view!
  • Relaxed under the sun (during the unexpected heat wave) and a mandatory picnic of course during Canada Day

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