Boy did that week ever go by quickly! Garrett and I have definitely been working hard on the wedding projects, though I have to say I'm quite impressed with all the crafty work he's done over the past few weeks! We have a lot of great surprises up our sleeve and we seriously cannot wait any longer until our special day comes! I also just wanted to share a few things I've been super grateful for this week:
  • I got to put on my dress (yes, my wedding dress!) for the first time! I found the perfect accessories for it too from the prettiest bridal shop in town, The White Peony. Seriously, even if you're not a bride-to-be, you need to pop in and take a peek!
  • We found this lovely and secluded beach (pictured above) on a morning walk before brunch.
  • Got to hang out with Garrett's grandparents who were visiting for the week - I feel so blessed to know that they will soon be my family too.
  • Though it makes me super jealous that my sister is in Paris, I'm so excited for her and I know that she's having a pain au chocolat for me right now.
  • Garrett and I made dinner one night and took it to the marina; we had it all in a picnic basket, laid out on a floral blanket under a giant tree and watched the leaves' shadows shimmer in the breeze as the sun was setting. 
I challenge you to take the time to just pause and truly appreciate little moments like these. I hope it will make your weekend lovelier than ever!