07/12 Monthly Snaps

Goodbye July, and hello August! Or should I say hello to month of crazy wedding projects! To be quite fair, I feel like I repeat myself when I say "last month went by so fast"! But it's true. Where did that month go? It sure feels good to know what we were able to accomplish though!

  • A little preview of our invitations! Every single one was handwritten with love and I can only hope that our guests appreciate all the hard work we put in to them.
  • On Canada day, we spent the afternoon laying on the beach with a picnic. It was wonderful.
  • Most of our wedding party were able to gather and pick berries at the farm. I got the chills again once we drove in to town and saw the mountains that will act as a backdrop for our ceremony. 
  • The next time we ride the ferry back to the island, we'll be a married couple! I can't wait!

Now to cross things off the list one by one, day by day... Only one month to go until the big day!

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