Mexico | Part One

{a short walk towards the beach}

{a lovely facade that lets in so much sunlight}

{there was a jungle outside our balcony!}

{they're friendlier than they look}

{little huts that protected us from the sun while lounging}

{obligatory vacation feet shot}

{oh the white sand}

{just going for a walk through the jungle!}

Before we booked our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to go somewhere to relax and lay on the beach. I was a little hesitant at first to go to Mexico for our first trip together but I'm so glad we did! We stayed at an all inclusive resort that was situated right along the Caribbean Sea. It was beautiful! There were no other resorts near us, which meant no crowds!

Our days were spent by the pool, walking along the beach, enjoying fresh guacamole, ceviche and margaritas! It took us a few days to get on this routine as our schedules prior to this has been so busy. In other words, we loved every minute of it and not having a single worry in mind was such a treat!