Mexico | Part Two

{one of many temples at the Mayan Ruins}

{early enough in the day before the tourist crowds started rolling in}

{can you spot him?}

{not a bad place for the Mayans to do their trading}

{amazing place for "paletas", or popsicles}

{Mexican courtyard behind Flor de Michoacan, a perfect shady spot}

{mangoes were the size of Garrett's hands!}

{bright bananas at the fruterias}

After a few days in on our vacation, we wanted to make a trip out to Tulum. We weren't all that interested in signing up for a tour guide, so we decided to just take a cab by ourselves (how adventurous of us)! We got to see the Mayan Ruins then headed to the main area of the town. We got to try some authentic tacos, and burritos! Next to the restaurant, we found a place that sold popsicles and there was a lot to choose from! We did a bit of shopping but we were most excited about the food! We even tried a little taco shack on the side of the highway. Yeah. It was pretty sketchy but that's what makes traveling fun I suppose!