Photo Favourites + Happy One Year!

{cotton candy like sunrises}
{found this treasure on usedvic (sort of like craigslist) and am pumped! can't wait to style it}
{*sigh* there's something so beautiful about cracking open new journals awaiting to be filled with ideas}
{my husband (who seems to be getting all the deals), found a bunch of these old records and I obviously love him for it}
{yes, I know it's another sunrise photo, but they're so lovely. can you tell I'm a morning person yet?}

Well, folks, another week has gone by and I've realized that this blog has been going for a year today! Actually, I've been blogging for a few years now. But ever since "going under construction" last year (see post here), I've decided to be more intentional in my blogging. I strongly believe that I'm here by the grace of God to share my ideas and talents He's provided me! So if you've been following along, thank you. Thank you for all who comment, like, and share my work - it means so much to me. I truly am so excited about how this blog will evolve and grow in this next year! Cheers friends and happy Friday!