DIY | Hanging Eucalyptus

eucaplyptus, wooden dowel, string, scissors and olive oil (optional)

1. treat wooden dowel with olive oil (like I did, however this step is optional)
2. trim eucalyptus to desired lengths
3. start tying knots evenly across the wooden dowel leaving extra room for knots
4. tie on eucalyptus in desired arrangement
5. trim the excess strings off
6. hang up your piece with another string and pin on to a wall
A pretty easy DIY for you guys that will add a touch of cozy in your place. I decided to hang mine in the bathroom above our towel rack. When the bathroom gets steamy from showering, it gives off a nice and relaxing aromatic scent so it's perfect! 

There are so many other options you could do with this project - I think I will be doing something like this with bright flowers soon, especially now that spring is around the corner!