Photo Favourites

[first signs of spring - cannot wait for these to be in full bloom]
[best part about these is you don't need to have the greenest thumb to keep them alive]
[perfect layering pieces right now]
[currently my favourite little vignette is in our bathroom - adding a touch of greenery makes it feel cozier]
[so looking forward for my husband to be home this weekend!]

What is it about Fridays? Some weeks seem to go by forever and some go swiftly. But Fridays always put me in a good mood. Maybe it's knowing that the weekend is near at hand. They may be filled with exciting plans or no plans at all, however it may unfold, it's something we all look forward to. 

My sweet love is finally coming home this weekend and I can't wait to see him. I'm thinking about suggesting we go for a hike (hopefully the weather will be nice). I know for sure that our weekend will include watching the Olympics. My husband? Yeah, biggest Olympic fan. 

What are some of your plans?