Photo Favourites

[Garrett is such a sweetheart and surprised me with a bright bouquet & a delicious dinner date afterwards]
[so excited about how well these turned out - do yourselves a favour & get some of your photos printed with them!]
[just did a big purge of my closet and these space savers will help with having a "leaner closet"]
[mangoes + dark chocolate. best of both worlds. 
watch out Garrett, I may have been sneaking a few while you weren't looking...]
[these arrived in the mail this week too! have had my eyes on them for a while and finally did the deed. 
never taking them off.]

Everyday seems to be brighter earlier in the morning. I think I will now make it a thing that I get up before my alarm clock goes off on Fridays. To savour the slow mornings and watch the sun rise with a warm cup of tea on hand. 

All seriousness aside, for the past five months since we got married, I've made it a thing (what is it with me and "things") to have a croissant every Saturday mornings at this local bakery. Such a treat - they're the best croissants I've had! BUT! They're closed doing renovations. For a month. What am I going to do?! I suppose I'll try different bakeries until then, but I'm hoping they re-open earlier than expected! Because I love my Saturday croissants... 

Do you guys have weekly rituals like I mentioned above too? I hope so! Please do tell.