DIY | St. Patrick's Day Paper Wreath

To be fairly honest, I'm not one to celebrate St. Patty's Day really (even though my husband is part Irish). But today I have a super simple project for you that looks festive and makes for a nice addition in to your home!
cardstock x3
floral tape
glue gun
babies breath 
Step 1:
print out free printable pattern & cut out
Step 2:
crease each heart vertically
Step 3:
form a circular shape out of wire & cover with floral tape
Step 4:
start gluing creased hearts in random order with glue gun
Step 5:
tuck in babies breath in between the hearts
attach a small string to the back of wire & hang
Voila! I hope you guys enjoy making this project and maybe have some chocolate coins while you're at it!