Freebie | Find Joy In The Ordinary

There are certain mornings when you simply don't want to get out of bed.
When you'd rather stay warm under the covers, stirring up dreams that seem sweeter than facing the day.

But then there are also days when reality is the sweetest.

Days when I cheerfully get up earlier to pack my husband's lunch.
And slip a little love note under the stacked tupperwares.
Sway with him from left to right along with the slow, soothing tune that's playing in the background.
When we kiss each other goodbye for the day and I linger a little longer in the hug.

To others, it may seem ordinary, but I will forever treasure these moments.
When I find joy in the ordinary, I find joy - and love in life and others.

So here's a little reminder that you can also find you in the ordinary.

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