Monday Picks | In The Bedroom

clockwise from top right: plant | print | pillow | bedside table | throw

Woo! We're in major spring mode over here! On the weekend, I wrote a huge list of tasks we needed to get done for spring cleaning and it feels so good to cross things off. We got rid of a few lot of things and all of a sudden it feels like we have more room in our place! It's mentally and visually appealing to have a space that's clean and organized.

We haven't really put too much efforts in decorating our bedroom and now feels like the best time to put our personal touches in it. We scored this dresser from a while ago and now moved it in the bedroom, but we still need some major furniture pieces like bedside tables. We have a whole wall space that's blank right now and I can't wait to hang up some artwork to make it feel more personable. 

Spring cleaning is not always fun, but it's honestly so rewarding to be living in a clean space!