Photo Favourites

{there was a plant sale and I couldn't help myself to a new succulent}
{slowly but surely adding photos in frames and styling then in little vignettes}
{we finally added a shelf above our couch! for more vignettes obviously}
{basking in some late afternoon sunlight - so in love with this project}
{pulled out this number from the drawers and remembered how much I love the details on it 
- plus it was from my grandmother's closet}

Hello again! This week went by relatively fast - hope yours did too. Our week involved a lot of listening to new music that we'll be seeing at a festival this summer. We'll be going to a couple but one of them hasn't released a line-up yet... 

On that note, we bought a tent! My other half was so excited about it, we set it up in our living room! It was actually really fun! It ended up being a Wes Anderson movie night too! 

I'm not one to be called the "outdoorsy" type, but I do love a good adventure. This weekend, we'll be going up the island - no phones, no internet - oh boy it's going to be fun!

What are some of your plans?