Photo Favourites

{an insane view of sandcut beach - more photos coming soon}
{isn't nature so crazy cool}
{this wonderful tea has been so good with my stuffiness/sickness in the last few days}
{this scarf. on repeat. since I purchased it}
{oh darling. you know how to inspire a woman to feel empowered}

Ever since we got back from our weekend trip, it's like I've been attacked with allergies/sickness. Normally, I never have any reactions to the seasons changing, but this year has been so bad! It feels like my poor nose is going to fall off from all the sneezing. The week also felt like it took forever. So glad Friday is here! I've been drinking lots of orange juice, lemon and honey tea - anything to remedy this hump. No big plans this weekend, but we might clean up our balcony (finally!) and maybe start planting a little garden! Otherwise, lots of sleeping and relaxing is much needed for this lady here.

What are some of your plans?