West Coast Adventure 01

Here's the first of two posts from our west coast trip last weekend! We drove up along the coast of Vancouver Island towards Port Renfrew and stopped at the beaches and regional parks along the way. It was so breathtaking to be surrounded by such beauty in nature. It was a perfect little getaway for exploring and adventure!
Our first stop was at the Sooke Potholes. I'm pretty sure you can hike all the way up by trail, but we drove up and hiked only a very small portion to get close to the water. I've seen really great photos of the potholes during the summer, so I would love to go back when the weather is a bit warmer!
Our next stop was French Beach. I love all things "french" so of course, we had to pull over when we saw the name. There's an easy access to the beach which I found very convenient. There was definitely a bit more people here with families, runners, and pups! I didn't mind it at all, I was just in awe really! We Garrett skipped some rocks since there were so many perfectly flat rocks on the beach. 
Before we hit up China Beach, we actually stopped at a view point in Jordan River to have lunch. Clearly we were both so hungry, we didn't take any photos. We had a small picnic of crackers, cheese and sliced meats! We also decided to take naps, because hey, who's stopping us? After a couple hours passed, we woke up to surfers and paddle boarders on the water. It was neat watching them from afar.

Our next stop was China Beach! This was the longest trek to get down to the beach but it was isolated. Other than a couple surfers on the beach, it was just us! We also came across this neat looking fort that was built around a fire pit! 

Stay tuned for the next post with another beach find (our favourite) and a couple other great spots!