Photo Favourites

{it gets darker way later nowadays so late afternoons call for sitting on rocks by the water}
{come on little buds, bloom!}
{one evening we got McDonald's soft ice cream (don't judge) and watched the sunset here}
{mini eggs in tea cups are way better. with a side of Darling of course}
{finally caved in and so darn in love with my Catbird dainty rings}

Doing a little happy dance over here, because it's Friday! And it's sunny! 

Fun things we did this week:
  • Go to the hospital because my husband hurt his knee playing hockey (he's okay, thankfully.)
  • Watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and loved it. We always feel so rebellious sneaking in candy that's not from the theater... Also, Wes Anderson is amazing.
  • I asked if we could go to McDonald's and get ice cream... oooops! Let's just say I dislike McDonald's and the only thing I'll have there is their ice cream!
  • Being so inventive in the kitchen with salad dinners. Shredded zucchini, you guys. You can turn it into a pasta or a really good base for a salad - mind blown.
  • Went to Home Depot and realized I need to go in there more often. Coolest place. Plus, we watched this comedy beforehand. Hilarious.
This weekend, I'm helping out a friend do a massive clean out of her closet. I'm a sucker for organizing so, yes, these are the types of things I look forward to. I might also make another batch of zucchini chocolate chip muffins - can you tell I'm having a zucchini obsession? 

What are some of your plans?