The Best Day Ever

Just a little over seven months ago, the love of my life and I celebrated becoming husband and wife. Without a doubt, it was the happiest day of my life as of yet! I feel blessed being able to look back at these beautiful photos and even more grateful that I get to spend the rest of my life with the loveliest man. 

Yesterday, one of my go-to wedding blogs when we were planning the wedding, Ruffled, featured our rustic farm wedding! I thought I'd share some of our favourite shots that you may have not seen yet!
{This has to be one of my favourite shots. What a handsome fella.}
{Our wedding party sure knew how to make us laugh.}
{One of the many signs I calligraphed with paint.}
{Best looking groom & groomsmen!}
{Yup. That's my husband!}
{Garrett and I designed the patterns and sewed all of the polka-dotted bow ties!}
{The ceremony programs I designed also doubled as fans for the guests.}
{Hello lovely bridesmaids!}
{I've always loved Grace Kelly's dress from that scene in To Catch A Thief and knew that my wedding dress would be like it.}
{So much labour of love went into these paper flower bouquets! Garrett gets credit for adding the "crinkled" effect in each flower - so crafty!}
{The most amazing dinner. I wish we could have this every night!}
{The farm owner's pup was getting a little taste of the dinner too!}
{I feel like this would be one of those photos we'll try and recreate after 50 years of marriage!}
{The happiest ending to the day, but also so ecstatic to be living life together from that day on as husband and wife!}

For more photos, check out our feature on Ruffled blog! Thank you Sarah & Graeme for capturing our love!