West Coast Adventure 02

This place was insanely beautiful. Only a ten minute hike down and majesty awaits to greet you. We spent the most time hanging out here. The tide was really low so we were able to walk out quite far. Garrett was hilarious and so stoked about everything. It was definitely his favourite. 
We actually went to China beach before we headed back here to have dinner. It was the most secluded area and we found a perfect spot to make a fire pit. Thankfully, it was not very cold out (though there was a bit of rain throughout the evening). The fire kept us warm, and it was so lovely to just sit back and appreciate the little things together.
After camping for the night, we decided to drive out and find a different spot for breakfast. We found this little gem called Flea Beach. We ate blueberry scones and bananas as we dreamed about having one of the houses on the cliffs.
As we were getting closer to the city, Garrett decided to show me one more spot - Beecher Bay in East Sooke. There were certain spots where it reminded me of our honeymoon in Tulum! It was beautiful! We hiked up to the top and admired the view. Oh and the little succulents obviously caught my eye - I wish I could've taken them with me! 

Whew! Such a jam-packed weekend that was. Next time, I hope I don't catch a cold or allergies... We're hoping to do Tofino sometime this summer! Isn't it amazing that this little island we live in has so much to offer?!