Monday Picks | B/W Staples

clockwise from top right: top | shorts | flats | clutch | sunglasses

It feels like a bittersweet Monday.

Some old pals came to visit for the weekend and you can bet that we had a wonderful time. You can also bet that we had some delicious meals. We shared a platter of tapas with sangrias, savoured some flaky croissants, tossed up our own salads, baked an apple crumble, enjoyed my husband's eggs benny neary breakfast specialty, basked in the sun while having sandwiches and (even more) salads on the patio, and we consumed a lot of decadent chocolates in between. But they've gone back to their homes now and I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness by being so far away from them. There's something to treasure about great friendships - especially ones that share the same passion about food as much as you do!

On a brighter note, our road trip to Sasquatch festival and Portland is coming up quickly! I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit while we're on our road trip. Can't ever go wrong with some black and white staples...

I'm already looking forward to the weekend - a long weekend at that too!