Portland. Where do I even begin? 

I've anticipated this trip with my husband for some time now and couldn't help but feel like a child in a candy store when we first pulled up at the Ace Hotel to check in. The way the light filled this place seemed so magical. 

We spent most of our days wandering around the Pearl District area, which was filled with plenty of cute little shops, cafes and restaurants. We also enjoyed a couple different neighbourhoods in the outskirts of the downtown area. 

This city has so much to offer and it has definitely been a trip I will treasure forever in my heart. 


Of course we had to! The lobby (as everything else in this place) was beautifully designed with the dark wood paneling and tiled floors. There's also an old photo booth that's a must (sadly we didn't get to use, but you should)! There's also Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Kenny and Zuke's Delicatessen and Clyde Common downstairs for your convenience.

We wanted to stay another night at the Ace, however it was already booked up. They suggested this boutique hotel next block and we were quite pleased with it. Surely, my husband was! The rooms were definitely bigger, with lovely "old building" touches like exposed bricks and large windows. We both couldn't stop talking about how soft the bed linens were! They also had a fairly decent complimentary breakfast. 


Located in the lobby of the Ace Hotel, this was a busy place for dinner. We expected to wait in line, however we were seated right away. I loved the open kitchen, large windows and casual feel of this space. Their basil pesto gnocchi was amazing.

It was later in the evening and we were told to check out this ice cream spot. A family-owned business that carefully hand-crafts their ice cream with locally sourced ingredients. Apparently they let you try every flavour, so were planning on taking advantage of this, however after a couple samples, we were sold. The selection of seasonal flavours were so good!

A short stroll from our hotel, we enjoyed a "share-your-meal" style breakfast. You order your meals, but they don't arrive at the same time, so you "share-your-meal". It was a fun experience, and we loved the coziness and warmth ambience this place offered. Definitely order the Bim Bop bacon & eggs "stir like crazy" - so delicious.

Of course we had to get something sweet. Walked up to this place since we didn't want to wait in line at Voodoo. Plus this places was all about quality over quantity and we prefer that too. Beautiful space with white walls, natural light and scrumptious donuts. My husband got the marion berry with peanut butter powder, and I got meyer lemon and key lime curd. 

Suggested by one of our Portland neighbours at Sasquatch, we knew this was a bar we had to check out. It was small, however the greenery suspended from the ceilings and large windows made it feel intimate and spacious at the same time. Beers on tap were listed on two giant screens along with other info that any beer lovers would appreciate. Note: They do not serve food here. But you can bring your own.

As we were having beers (at Bailey's), we realized we were hungry. That's how we discovered Santeria the best Mexican food we've had in a while. Located right next to the taproom, my husband walked over to order. They give you an empty bottle to place on your table, and the servers from the restaurant walk over to serve you the most amazing Mexican food! You have to get a  few different tacos because they don't only look beautiful (like little bouquets), but boy they are tasty!


Located across from Tasty n Alder, we peeked inside Canoe. A shop curated with beautifully designed products anywhere from Europe and USA. From pens, to notepads, to baby rattles, to place settings, I was in awe of the quality product this shop carried.

A couple stores down from Canoe is Alder and Co. A charming shop that welcomes you with bundles of fresh flowers from Hilary Horvath as soon as you come in. This shop was so stimulating, flipping over cookbooks, feeling the kitchen linens, smelling their great selection of apothecary and back around to the fragrant scent of the flowers! Lovely shop.

This spot is a must-see of course. The largest used and new book store in the world! We only made it down the cook book aisles as it almost felt overwhelming how busy it was. I couldn't help myself and picked up this gorgeous book.

Okay, so if you didn't know yet, I have a soft spot for Madewell. Now you know. As soon as I found out that there was one opening in the city, I knew we were making a stop. I also had to have this. I might be slightly obsessed with it. I've used it everyday since.

Once again, I felt like a little kid in a candy store. The shop had selected items that were locally designed/made such as Jacobsen Salt, Woodblock Chocolate, Another Feather, and of course their recently published cookbook, The Kinfolk Table. They also had a number of items from their Ouur Collection. Beautiful designs with quality materials. I was in heaven.